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ThermaTech® Super

Heated Water Cleaning

This cutting-edge machine which is provided by Restorative Techniques. ThermaTech is a modular range of equipment producing superheated water at temperatures up to 150ᵒC, for the purpose of masonry cleaning, paint removal and coatings removal on heritage and other structures. It has been designed in 110v from the ground up to be environmentally and user friendly as well as easy to transport and manoeuvre on site. Without using any chemical, only heated water. ThermaTech® can be used for the melting or removal of: Flexible Paints, Surface Treatments, Chewing Gum, Wax, Oil/Bitumen, Organic Matter from substrates.


For heritage and restoration, we are able to restore and conserve ancient monuments, listed buildings and delicate stone. Using low pressure at a hight feat we can ensure our historic and ancient monuments are able to be preserved for future generations. 

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